Big Reads

Large-print books for low vision readers

Monthly delivery in the genre of your choice, right to your door


Here's how it works

1. Choose genre

2. Choose plan

3. Enjoy

  Each month we’ll ship a new large-print book right to your door. You choose the genre, we choose the book! Each title will be a surprise to you (like getting a present in the mail!) and a recent large print publication.    This is an excellent subscription to gift to a family member or friend who you don’t get to see very often. We are happy to include personalized notes from you to your loved one in each box. 

Boxes include:

· One new trade paperback book each month 

· Gift items approximately 4x per year 

· Personalized notes upon request (just respond to our welcome email with details)    

Please note: because large print copies tend to be published after the regular printing, it’s possible you could get a book you’ve read before. Feel free to gift it to another book lover, but we do allow up to two exchanges per calendar year.